Quality storage silos made here in Victoria.

We've been making storage silos for farmers since 1978 and have gained a reputation for unbeatable build quality and longevity. GE Silos are made from genuine Aussie steel and hand-built to strict quality standards right here in Victoria.

About Storage Silos

Storage silos that’ll make your life easier.

If there's one thing that we’ve learned over 44 years building storage silos for Australia’s farmers, its that you value trust and reliability above all else. When you find something you trust, something that's never let you down, you reward that unshakeable reliability with loyalty in equal measure.

And it is in this spirit that our team works tirelessly to build storage silos that will stand the test of time. GE Silos are constructed from genuine Australian steel and fitted by hand. We test our designs to the strictest tolerances, and use only the best locally-sourced components.

The result is a small business that has steadily grown over the last 40+ years, slowly building a formidable reputation for unmatched build quality and reliability – one silo at a time.

Meet the GE Silos team and learn how we do it...

We got together recently and produced this little video to give you a quick overview of GE Silos and how we go about making one of Australia’s most reliable silos.

Builders of storage silos from 5 to 110 tonnes, with all the features you need to get the job done.

There are currently 26 standard silos produced by GE Silos, grouped into three ranges:

  1. Wheat & Grain Silos
  2. Pellet & Feed Silos
  3. Fertiliser Silos

Each of our ranges contains between 5 and 11 models of different sizes and storage capacities between 5 and 110 tonnes.

Our massive 110 tonne wheat & grain silo

Silos for Wheat and Grain Storage

Since the very early days, we have built our reputation on wheat and grain silos made for storing most grains, including wheat, corn, rice, and barley.

Our wheat and grain storage silos are built from genuine Aussie steel, are built by hand here in Goornong, and feature white walls, our large custom-designed grain outlet and wheeled hopper, and generous standard features like a ground level lid opener, sight glasses, and safety ring.

Available in a range of sizes with grain storage capacities from 21 to 110 tonnes. Configurable with a huge range of optional extras.

Our baby 5.8 tonne pellet & feed silo

Silos for Pellet & Feed Storage

Our top quality pellet and feed silos have all of the features you need for safe and easy storage of feedstock, seed, mash and more.

Built by hand in regional Victoria from genuine Aussie steel, our pellet and feed silos feature a distinctive 60º cone angle for optimal pellet and feed outflow, white walls and roof, a weather proof pellet outlet, and blower pipe and vent as standard.

Available in a range of sizes with pellet storage capacities from 5.8 to 66 tonnes. Configurable with a huge range of optional extras.

Our mid-range 52m3 fertiliser silo

Silos for Fertiliser Storage

The heaviest silos we make, fertiliser silos from GE Silos are built from extra-thick genuine Aussie steel and fitted out with everything you need to safely store and handle fertilisers.

Silos that are built for storing fertilisers need to be able to withstand constant contact with corrosive chemicals. Our fertiliser silos are internally coated with a two-part corrosion resistant epoxy designed to extend the life of the silo.

Available in a range of sizes with fertiliser storage capacities from 32 to 73 cubic metres. Configurable with a huge range of optional extras.

Updated September 2022
Our Team

You won’t find a friendlier, harder working, more dedicated team this side of the Tasman.

This motley crew are the heart and backbone of GE Silos. We are as famous for our reliable delivery as we are for our best-in-class silos: if we say we're gonna do something, we just do it. Every time. And it’s all thanks to this incredible group of people.

Meet the Team